Tiha vala - Near-by places

The surrounding of Žaborić offers lots of interesting things. Almost everyone can find something for him/her. Nature has especially blessed these part of Dalmatia and different cultures left many footmarks which are worth visiting.



Šibenik the oldest Croation town on the Adriatic is unique with its extraordinary location in a picturesque and wide bay at the mouth of river Krka. Little squeres and numerous cultural and historical monuments testify the rich history of this town. St. Jacob’s cathedral was built in 16th century and is unique not only among Croatian but in European religious monuments as well. The visit to Šibenik is enjoy in the harmony of the sun, sea and stone.

Island Krapanj  

Sponge divers are well known from this small and densely populated island. It is also the lowest island in Croatia, just 2 meters above the sea level. The museum of here flora and fauna is enjoyable and worth visiting.

National park Krka  

In the dry lime stone area of the Dalmation hinterland its way toward the see makes the Krka River a magnificent natural phenomena. For its great natural, scientific and cultural value it was proclaimed The National park in 1985. These is a lovely day trip.


These ideal holiday place finds a place in your heart straight away. Alone its location its beautiful and romantic. This town offers a lot, infrastructure, shops, market and entertainment. Really a place you will love coming back to.


Not visiting this town is not an option. The whole town is one Open-air museum. Therefore Trogir is not included in world culture legacy of Unesco for nothing. You should make day as well as night trip to this beautiful town. At night you can enjoy delicious food and wine in its finest restaurants and also you can find a place to dance.